Prof. S. Sundaresan

  • (Former Professor at IIT Madras. More than 40 years of experience in teaching and industrial consultancy)

Dr. N.Krishnaraj

  • (Obtained his B.Tech, M.S and Ph.D from IIT Madras. Formerly Chief Metallurgist with TVS Group of companies. Consultant for many Industries for the last two decades)

Dr. S.R.Koteswara Rao

  • (Obtained Ph.D from IIT Madras in the field of welding. More than 20 years of teaching, research and industry experience. Obtained International Welding Engineer (IWE) Diploma in 2010)

Mr. V. Muralidharan

  • (More than 35 years of international industry experience in the field of welding.)

Mr. Subbarathnam

  • (Formerly Scientist at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. More than three decades of experience in the field of welding,NDT and quality engineering)

Prof. G.Maikandan

  • (Formerly GM of Southern Structurals. Design consultant and Professor of Mechanical engineering for the last two decades)

Mr. Vanchinath

  • (About 40 years of industrial experience in the field of welding and fabrication. Consultant to many industries and expert in welding codes and standards)


  • (Former head of the Welding Research Institute (WRI) , BHEL, Thituchirapalli.)

Guest lectures on special topics will be delivered
by professors from IIT Madras and Scientists from IGCAR and DRDL.